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Inspect the house inside and out, as if you were the buyer. Then, decide what improvements you should make before putting the house on the market. Mechanical repairs should be made to ensure all systems and appliances are in good working condition. Fresh paint, minor cosmetic repairs, wallpaper and landscaping (curb appeal) give you a better rate of return than capital improvements, which may not be recovered in the sale.Perhaps the most cost-effective step you can take to improve both the time on the market and sales price is to have a Seller’s Inspection performed by a Licensed Home Inspector like Home Inspections of Nebraska

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A Seller’s Home Inspection is similar to a Buyer’s Home Inspection in that it is conducted by a Licensed Home Inspector; the end-result is identification of defects among the building’s many systems, if any. The purpose and timing of a Seller’s Residential Home Inspection differ from a Buyer’s Residential Home Inspection:

A Seller’s Inspection is often referred to as a ‘Pre-Listing Inspection’ when the inspection is conducted in preparation to list the home for sale on the Real Estate Market.

The term ‘Pre-Listing Inspection’ is somewhat misleading because the inspection does not have to be conducted prior to listing the home on the market, although it is the preferred timing for Seller’s Inspections. The Seller becomes aware of defects that may affect the sale price of the home, the length of time on the market and steps that the homeowner can take to rectify defects either before or after listing the home for sale. Seller’s Inspections are increasingly common as more Realtor’s and homeowners realize the benefits of the Seller’s Inspection.

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  • Alerts seller to any immediate safety concerns (e.g., radon gas)
  • Seller’s gain the perspective of a neutral third-party
  • The Inspection Report provides information useful in setting the listing price of the home and evidence for needed price adjustment
  • Repairs can be made to improve final sale price and decrease the amount of time from listing to sale of the home
  • Performed prior to listing the home-allows sellers time to shop for contractors if needed
  • Buyers can choose to waive the inspection contingency when provided a copy of the Inspection Report
  • Buyers tend to be less suspicious of potential defects
  • Allows time to add defects to the Seller’s Disclosure Statement

The more informed a Seller is the less headaches there are to deal with during the often stressful process of selling a home.

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